I am reading for a PhD in mathematics at University College, London, under the wider umbrella of the LSGNT. I am primarily supervised by Vladimir Dokchitser, and have David Burns as a secondary supervisor. I am co-organiser of the London Junior Number Theory Seminar for the 2023/24 academic year (with Giorgio Navone and Harmeet Singh).

To contact me, use the email address found at the bottom of this page.

Here are some research interests, in varying degrees of specificity:

Some non-mathematical interests:

On commas

I am running a very quiet campaign to (re)introduce the names "Imperial/King's/University College, London" for the relevant universities in order to recover aesthetic beauty and basic logic in the names of London's great institutions. In the cases of King's and University Colleges, this would be a reversal of atrocities committed in 1882 and 1977, respectively.

I should also note that there are other offenders about: "Trinity College Dublin" et al., be warned.

This page

I have bodged together this webpage using my own shoddy understanding of HTML. Please feel free to send scathing criticism—or indeed suggestions for improvement—to the email address immediately below.